Community Enhancement Program

Matching Grant Opportunities for Nonprofits

First Call for Applicants May 1 – June 30, 2016

Do you have a desire to help those living in low income communities, but are in need of financial assistance? The Phoenix Community Development and Investment Corporation (PCDIC)  is looking to provide matching grants to nonprofits to be used for programs that are improving the lives of  low to moderate income (LMI) communities. Nonprofits can start applying to receive up to $100,000 matching grant per eligible applicant by going to

In order to be eligible for grants program participants must be a part of an organization that benefits LMI Communities. Other requirements include residing, working or attending school in an LMI community as defined by the New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) census database. Applicants must complete a PCDIC Grant Application, and clearly define how the proposed project specifically benefits LMI communities. Participants must also provide a detailed sources and use a budget.

Awards may be used to provide scholarships, education, training opportunities and community assistance in the form of goods and services. Other acceptable uses of PCDIC funds may include, but are not be limited to youth job skill programs, summer camps, medical initiative programs, afterschool and recreational programs/centers, mentoring programs, and literacy and GED programs.

For more information about PCDIC and their Community Enhancement Program go to Apply today to help improve a community in need.


The mission of the Phoenix Community Development and Investment Corporation (PCDIC) is "to attract and provide funds for projects that will improve the quality of life of those individuals who live and work in underserved areas of the community

Download the application:

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