Loan Programs

The Phoenix Community Development and Investment Corporation (PCDIC) has a variety of loan programs to meet the wide range of customer needs.  The following matrix will help you quickly find which loan programs are best suited for your needs:

Loan Program


Loan Size

New Market Tax Credit (NMTC)

This loan program offers financing for commercial real estate within eligible census tracts. If you have a project you like to finance with NMTC's or to request information (Click here)

Generally over $1,000,000

Business Loan Alliance (BLA)


Pilot program to generate and attract greater investment for AZ business owners. This program is available State-wide.

50,000 - $500,000

Access to Capital Academy

The Academy will provide education, customized consulting and coaching for small businesses in, or serving, New Markets qualified census tracts.  The target market is the small business which has been denied credit, has a need for a credible loan package, and does not have the financial background to prepare a successful credit request. To get on a wait list for this program (Click here).


Sky Harbor Airport Business Loan Program (BLP)

The Sky Harbor Airport Business Loan Program (BLP) Loan Fund was established to provide lower cost capital to sub-tenants of HMS Host at Terminal 4 of Sky Harbor International Airport. This Fund will provide favorable loan terms to the restaurant/café BLPs for financing tenant improvements, fixtures, furniture and equipment.

Census Maps Areas eligible for these loan programs, unless otherwise stated above, are noted in these census maps.